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Who are we? Our key people are highly experienced travel professionals with over 30 years of experience in senior travel positions in the travel industry and an extensive background in battlefield and remembrance tourism. We are a dedicated Battlefield & Remembrance Tour & Travel company that specialises in set departure and tailor made Battlefield & Remembrance Tours where American (US) servicemen and woman served in the UK and Europe in WW1 (France & Belgium) &  WW2: (D-Day, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Italy, Germany & North Africa).

Being based at your destination here in the UK, we are only 2 hours away from the American WW1 & WW2 battlefields in Europe. We live here. We know here. We love here! We provide real 'hands on' knowledge and support in the same time-zone - while you are here in the UK and Europe.

We particularly specialise in WW1 Battlefield Tours to France and Belgium (American Sectors on the Western front) and American Forces in WW2 fighting in mainland Europe (D-Day) France, Belgium (Battle of the Ardennes) Holland, The Rhine, Germany and Italy.

New! This year is the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo! Our 2015 day tours to Waterloo!

We are
FULLY LICENCED travel professionals. Many other battlefield tour operators are not. Your money is COMPLETELY SAFE with us.

We only use highly experienced EXPERT historian guides (many ex-military) all who are members of the elite Guild of Battlefield Guides and who besides being overall experts for battlefield and remembrance tours are also absolute individual experts for specific AMERICAN campaigns, battles and battlegrounds. Our guides 'walk the ground' specifically where Americans fought - D-Day, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy.

  We can also provide information on "self drive" tours of the WW1 and WW2 American Battlefields in Europe. Our great 'self drive' holiday concept allows you to travel and discover the WW1 & WW2 American battlefields and surrounds at you own pace and with your own itinerary!

Of great importance is that our Battlefield and Remembrance tours are NOT a 10 minute 'bus stop' in a car park near a battlefield... They are designed with great care and great research - all tailored to our clients EXACT individual needs.
We also offer deluxe "tailor made" PLATINUM TOURS to the American WW1 and WW2 theatres of war in Europe, travelling in anything from your own private helicopter to a luxury chauffeur driven limousine - tailored to your exact requirements.

Our client testimonials say it all: "The trip was one of the most moving and powerful experiences of my life. You brought everything to life, so much so that I could almost see the battles unfolding"..  "I will be sharing my experience and this history with family & friends forever"... "I will hold your name in high regard and will recommend you to any would be visitors"... "The whole tour was expertly put together and meticulously researched... Thank you!" ....

 Also, by booking your tour or itinerary direct through us you also avoid all the expensive middleman mark-ups and currency surcharges so often applied to your tour cost(s) when purchasing overseas travel itineraries in the USA. Our prices are excellent and provide great value for money with no hidden charges.

 We 'walk the actual ground' where your ancestors fought', often finding as close as possible the location where they fell in WW1 and WW2. We also visit their graves and American memorials wherever possible.

 Our expert battlefield historian guides can also do extensive family history research on your ancestors here in the UK with a variety of *top level resources (*some actually closed to the public) such as the National Archives, Regimental HQ's, Army/Air Force records etc. 

In summary: What we believe that sets us apart as one of the best in the business for battlefield tours and remembrance travel - along with family history research - is a fierce determination to fuse together the best specialist battlefield guides in the world with the highest standards of customer service, ethics and travel experience possible. Our our quality product, excellent prices, award-winning customer service, specialised battlefield tour guides, and our unique Advisory Board and our management team's depth and range of experience sets the bar for all other Battlefield Tour operators world wide.
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